The Animal Clinic

Welcome to The Animal Clinic where we understand the important role your pet has within your family.  We are an AAHA accredited facility located in sunny Port Charlotte, Florida dedicated to helping you with any of your pet's needs.  We are a full-service veterinary practice who care for a variety of patients including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, sugar gliders, and rats. 

The staff at The Animal Clinic has a strong commitment to the human-animal bond and to providing client-centered service. Each veterinarian and team member strives to provide the best quality medicine available to our patients and to continually educate and communicate with our clients. We share with our clients the joy of pet ownership and grieve when a loved pet is lost.

When you choose us to be "your vet," you choose an entire clinic committed to the health and well-being of your pet.

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  • Gregory Fluharty, DVM, P.A.

    Dr. Fluharty is the owner and founder of The Animal Clinic, which was started in 1979. Dr. Fluharty is originally from Ohio and received his DVM degree from Ohio State University. Dr. Fluharty is very active in the community but mostly spends his time on finding ways to improve the quality of medicine within our facility. He is a true believer of moving his cheese, which in turn keeps his staff striving to learn and keeping his clients up to date on the cutting edge of medicine. He truly believes that it takes a team to achieve a high level of competency and works hard to keep the community Veterinary Emergency Hospital up to high standards. On his off time he enjoys some golfing and spending time with his family and is enjoying being a first time grandfather to Olivia Rae.
  • Dr. Debbie Marks

    We are so pleased to welcome Dr. Debbie Marks back to The Animal Clinic.  Dr. Marks has been mentoring with a local Veterinarian who is Board Certified in Dentistry and is ready to share her knowledge with you.  Dr. Marks has a special interest in dentistry and internal medicine and she also a special interest in avian medicine.  We welcome her back with open arms and she looks forward to seeing you all again.
    Years in Practice:
    May 31, 2013
    Special interest in dentistry and internal medicine
  • Dr. John Rand

    The Animal Clinic is pleased to introduce Dr. John Rand to our practice.  Dr. Rand graduated from the University of Florida and is coming to us on June 10th.  Dr. Rand is a native to Punta Gorda and is returning to the area.  He will bring with him his knowledge of small animal medicine along with a special interest in both exotic and avian medicine.  Dr. Rand is excited to meet our clients and looks forward to providing quality care for your loved ones. 
    Years in Practice:
    May 31, 2013
    special interest in exotic/avian
  • Candace Gannon Fluharty, CVPM

    Practice Manager
    Yes, I am the veterinarian's wife and also the Practice Manager of The Animal Clinic. (I prefer to go by the name of Candy) My role at the Animal Clinic is to make sure that we always remain a client focused facility. I received my designation of Certified Veterinary Practice Manager in October of 2005. It is a real goal for me to encourage our staff to further their education by obtaining an Associates Degree in Veterinary Nursing Medicine. The Animal Clinic is proud to be a member of The American Animal Hospital Association and their standards are incorporated into our core values and continual training. My background is in management and I have always worked with the public and believe that there is always a solution to every problem. I also help manage The Veterinary Emergency Clinic in our community and was involved in starting the Sunshine Veterinary Managers Association here in Charlotte County. I am a people person and will always be available to help you with your needs and want to hear from you (good or bad) for without your input we can not move forward and continue to provide high quality medicine for your loved ones. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Vera Hielm

    Office Assistant
    I started working for The Animal Clinic in 1994 and started as an Animal Caretaker. After the first six months, with the help of Dr. Greg Fluharty and the continuing education that I received I was able to advance to an outpatient nurse. During the years I have always had a special interest in office work, and have finally gained the opportunity to work in the office performing tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll and accounting. My continuing education never ends and I look forward to keeping my career here a lifetime endeavor.
  • Theresa Goodman,

    Certified Veterinary Technician
    I moved to Florida in 1999 from Rochester, New York and I can't express how much I love this area. I have been a certified veterinarian nurse for twenty years and enjoy working within this profession. I have met many nice people here in the community and am a member of The Peace River Schutzhund Club and am very active with my dogs. Veterinarian medicine has seen so many changes and I enjoy helping and training my team members every day. The atmosphere here is one of learning, caring and sharing. I also enjoy biking and being outdoors. Look forward to meeting you and if you have any questions, I would be happy to help you.
  • Juli King

    Head Surgical Nurse
    I have been employed by The Animal Clinic since 1990 and have seen a lot of changes within our profession. The most important reason for my love of veterinary medicine is the changes I have seen in the quality of care that we provide for our pets. My duties consist of caring for surgical patients, radiology, ultra sound, dentistry, assisting doctors and nursing care. This job involves a lot of continuing education, training, communication and compassion. I am originally from Ohio and moved to Florida when I was 2 years old. I have shared my home with many types of animals but have finally settled down to just two Jack Russells and three cats. Given a choice to work anywhere else "The Animal Clinic" would win hands down every time. The staff and the clients are wonderful.